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Different Options for Same Field(s)

Question asked by crick70 on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2018 by crick70

Is it possible to have different fill options for the same field(s)


For example with a Flora survey if the user knows the NSXCODE (field a) then the Common Name (field b), Genus(field c), and Species (field d) are populated via a calculation using pulldata.


However if the NSXCODE is not known, then the user fills in b, c,d. c and d are combined to create a unique scientific  name which has a related NSXCODE which then populates field a via another pulldata calculation


I know its possible to do one or the other but can there be an option for both.  Obviously the same fields cant be in the form twice.


Could this be achieve from an initial question in the Form?? eg Is the NSXCOODE Known Yes/No ???