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External Select Lists

Question asked by crick70 on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2018 by crick70

Hi All


I am in the process of building a Survey123 from for Opportunistic Flora collection. 


As the species, common name, genus and code numbers are large I have gone with the external_choice options.


My question is this, I fairly sure that as per the BDBSAFloraNSXCode if the user knows the code I can get the GENUS, SPECIES and COMMONNAME fields to populate.  However I am not sure how to go back the other way that is the might only know the COMMONNAME or SPECIES or GENUS and how to filter or populate the other choices and then place the appropriate NSXCODE.


Can I just use one select list for the "species" Filed types or do I need to create a separate choice list for each field and do something with a calculation.


Any pointers would be appreciated.