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Feature Linked annotation based off related table

Question asked by Mapper35 on May 1, 2018



Is it possible to have feature linked annotation that uses text that is stored in a related table? 


I currently have a feature that labels based off comments stored in a related table but I would like to use feature linked annotation instead of a label.  I currently use a python labeling expression similar to this How To: Label a related table.  I have set up a feature linked annotation in my SDE database and it works fine when it is based off a field in the feature or a python expression that does not reference the related table , but when I try and use my python labeling expression with the related table my anno is blank. The expression verifies in the expression editor and when I create a new point I can see that a row is created in the anno feature class but nothing displays.  I am just wondering if anyone has successfully been able to do this.