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Android Issue/Crash with Tabbed Page

Question asked by chad.yoder@nwg on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2019 by MBranscomb-esristaff

I’m experiencing an issue using Runtime with a Xamarin Forms TabbedPage.  In my app, there is a TabbedPage which consists of 5 tabs.  The map is loaded on the first tab.  Navigating between any of the first 4 tabs work perfectly fine, and any time you navigate back to the map tab, the map in drawn instantly (no code, just works). 


However, navigating from the 5th tab (or any tab after) back to the map tab shows the hatched background for a brief time, and then the map is redrawn.  Doing this on an emulator will actually kill the entire emulator (Genymotion), not just the app.  On a real device (both running Android 7), the app will be sluggish and eventually crash. 


The issue is better when using 100.1 as compared to 100.2.1, and often times the app won’t crash.  Additionally, if the app does not crash, the map data is not completely refreshed when using 100.2.1, but it is fine when using 100.1.


The same code works on iOS with no issues or sluggishness.


I have a simple repro app and data (although the issue does not appear to be dependent on the data) if there’s any Esri folks who would able to assist.  Reply with your email address and I’ll share the code and sample data on Dropbox.