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Issue about calling "Apply Edits" through REST on Feature service with data source as registered view.

Question asked by amrutabildikar5 on Apr 29, 2018

Hi All,

I am working with ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 and I have a feature service and the data source of that feature service is a SQL server view which is registered with geodatabase and published as "feature access" capability with query, edits, deletes ON.

I am trying to perform "apply edits' call through rest and the same call is not working :(

If I try to do the same call on the feature service with data source as a "feature class", it is working fine.

I haven't come across any documentation which says that editing is not possible with view as ideally it should work because I have registered my view.


Can anyone guide me if I am doing something wrong or it is not possible with view?



Not working:

Initially, I thought rowbuffer creation failed error is due to not mentioning some spatial reference as input, but after trying that as well it is not working.


Thanks and Regards,