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GroupFilter Widget Causing Log Errors

Question asked by a00847138 on Apr 27, 2018

I am trying to find a way to restrict users from being able to enter text into the GroupFilter Widget when searching for values. See picture below.



The reason I want to restrict users from entering in free text is because our organization is noticing a large number of errors in our logs.


Error: Underlying DBMS error [ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "" LINE 1: .... table where ((( (work_id = '' OR work.... ^::SQL stat: 22P02] [work_id]


After spending some time looking into this I noticed that when using a dijit.form.FilteringSelect and entering in an invalid value the return is a blank string. My thought is if I change the dijit.form.FilteringSelect to a dijit.form.Select that I may be able to solve this problem.The issue I am having at the moment is that I cannot see any reference to the dijit.form.FilteringSelect in the GroupFilter code but the images below show reference to the FilteringSelect.



Would like it to act similar to the image below.



Any help or guidance on this issue would be appreciated.