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Extract-by-Mask tool outputs a raster with noData values?

Question asked by Chathurika_ESRIACC on Apr 23, 2018
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I am using ArcMap 10.3.1 Desktop app.


I am trying to run ‘Extract-By-Mask’ tool on a raster dataset. The input raster is generated by running “Slope” tool on a DEM which I downloaded online. The input mask is a polygon shapefile which has area information of buildings.


When I run “Extract-by-Mask”, this produces the output raster with layer property values from -3.40282e+038 to 3.40282e+038 which means noData. Also, the output raster is not visible on ArcMap. Because of this reason, the next step in my code, which is “Extract-by-Attributes” on the output raster of “Extract-by-Mask”, gives me the following error in ArcPy,


“ERROR 010423: D:\Slope\slpbldg does not have valid statistics as required by the operation. Failed to execute (ExtractByAttributes).”


I have attached screenshots of the Python code I used to run Extract-by-Mask and the input (slpraw) and output rasters (slpbldg) as visible on ArcMap table of contents.


Not just with Extract-by-Mask, I also noticed that when I try to resample the original DEM to a different resolution (cell size(X,Y) from (0.0008333, 0.000833) to (1,1)) using the “resample” tool, the output DEM cannot also visible on ArcMap and has noData layer property values.


Can anyone help me out to resolve this problem?


Is this something to do with the original DEM? The original DEM has 20383 columns and 24013 rows, GRID format, cell size (X, Y) 0.000833333, 0.000833333.


Any help would be appreciated.