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How do I create a British National Grid Geocode service on an ArcGIS Enterprise without internet access?

Question asked by ryan.martin_APHA on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by ksreddy250771

EDIT - I now know that it is because uploaded CSV files with eastings and northings on the British National Grid datum still need to be geocoded, I guess since the main ArcGIS platform works in Lat/Lon. ArcGIS Online geocodes based on a free British National Grid geocoding service provided by ESRI UK.


My issue now is how would I replicate such a service behind a firewall given that my ArcGIS Enterprise system does not have internet access?





I have a vanilla installation of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6, assembled with ArcGIS Enterprise Builder.


If I try and uploaded a CSV file to the ArcGIS Portal which has the data format "building_name, easting, northing," I get this message:



Your portal is not configured to find locations from address stored in files.

I believe this is because ArcGIS enterprise needs a geocoding service accessible and the default ArcGIS Online service is on the internet and we are behind a firewall, so it can't be accessed. Though in this case I have locations already and no addresses, so why is it prompting me to find locations from addresses when there are not any?

To summarise, my question is why do I need a geocoding service to host as a feature layer a data source that is already geocoded? (i.e. has Easting/Northing in a given projection EPSG:27700).