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Open Data-is it possible to open an external page in the same tab?

Question asked by bobbistrais on Apr 12, 2018

I have an "external" web page that is shared to my Open Data group.  This is a web page containing links to downloadable shapefiles, which the user can discover in our Open Data/Hub site.  (I put "external" in quotes- it's actually a page that's part of our site)

-The issue is, when a user clicks on the page, it opens in a new browser tab.  Is there any way to override that so that the page will open in the same browser tab, not a new one?


To illustrate what I mean, go to this URL: 

Look for "Maine Elevation 2 feet Contours Tiled by Towns".  Clicking this opens the resource in a new tab, want it to open in the same tab.