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error exporting SOAP SOE from Eclipse plugin

Question asked by lteasley on Apr 11, 2018

I am new to creating SOEs. Limited experience with ArcObjects. We are upgrading from ArcGIS server 10.05 to 10.3 and I am responsible for wrapping all of our code (Java) in SOEs for the upgrade since the code currently uses a DCOM connection. I have found very little documentation on the specifics of writing SOEs but have installed the Eclipse plugin (Ver in Rational Application Developer (RAD 9.6) as instructed to be able to create and export the SOEs. The documentation that I have been following is ESRI’s ArcObjects Help for Java – Developing Extensions.


I am getting errors when trying to export a SOAP SOE using the plugin. It appears to export everything else but fails when it is exporting the actual soe file. Error: “javac” terminated with errors.


The one resolution for this that I found is setting your PATH variable. I tried that, it doesn’t resolve my issue.  Is there anything else I can do to fix this?


Also, is there any other documentation on creating SOEs in Java besides what is in the ArcObjects help for Java?