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How do you fix error 999999 using Summarize Within?

Question asked by Ben_Kawecki_MTSI2 on Apr 5, 2018
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I've been trying to use the Summarize Within script to calculate the number of points within a given number a shapes created using Generate Tessellation. Whenever I run Summarize within it gives me error 999999 (see picture below). I have been following the steps laid out in this article from (Create supplementary charts and maps—Cartographic Creations in ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS ). I was able to follow the article step by step and use Summarize Within with no problem. When I went to try this again using my own data in a fresh new project it didn't work. Currently my own data is in GCS WGS 1984. I have attempted to reduce my own data down to 1000 data points but its returns the same error. I have also tried to reduce the number of extra fields (fields that arn't lat/lon) to no success. I have the most up to date version of ArcGIS Pro and the error still occurs after I have rebooted. Below is step by step process I was using to get this error:

-Add data to project using add data (data is in .csv format)

-Use XY Table To Point to create a feature class containing the information from the csv file. (coordinate system GCS_WGS_1984)

-Use Generate Tessellation to create a set of bins over the extent of the feature class created in the last step.(Picture below)

-Use Summarize Within to measure the number of data points in each bin.(Picture below)


Please let me know if any of you have experienced this error before and know how to get around it.