Slow internet with ArGIS/WMS server causing ArcMap to freeze

Discussion created by kylehalchin on Apr 5, 2018

We have been having some slow internet issues at the office. When I am in a map and have an ArcGIS or WMS server connected for aerials if I try to open map document properties, coordinate system screen, or try to select a coordinate system in a geoprocessing task ArcMap locksup/freezes indefinitely. If I replicate the scenario at home I have no issues. If I remove the GIS/WMS server connection and try to access the map doc properties/coordinate system screen, I have no issues. My map doc coordinates are the same as the server connection so it shouldn't be a transformation issue. IT has been working on the internet issues for a while now and I dont have confidence that the internet slowness will be resolved anytime soon.


Any thoughts or work-arounds? Has anyone experienced this?