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Problem with public survey

Question asked by James.MacKay on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by nadiguy

Hi, I’m new to Survey123 and trying to set up a survey with five requirements:

  • It must be public, no AGOL credentials required
  • It must be able to collect data in the app while disconnected, submitting it later
  • Users should not be able to see other users’ submissions
  • It must contain a photo
  • It must contain location


I haven’t had any luck with the public aspect.  Despite reading this blog post and other doc, changing feature layer settings, trying steps in different orders, whenever I attempt to submit data the app asks for AGOL credentials.  Perhaps what I’m trying isn’t possible but I think it’s much more likely that I’m just overlooking something.


After authoring and publishing the survey, I go to the main feature layer’s settings and set them accordingly:

  • Editing: “Enable editing.” Is turned on, the other three settings are turned off.
  • What kind of editing is allowed?:  Add features
  • What features can editors see?:  Editors can’t see any features
  • What features can editors edit?:  Disabled
  • What access do anonymous editors have? The same as signed in editors
  • Export Data: False


I then went to the field worker service and where applicable made those settings match, then from the Collaborate tab in Survey123 made the survey available to Everyone (Public).  When I attempt to submit a survey from the app, it still asks me for AGOL credentials.  (I also tried making the survey public first, then changing feature layer settings.)


If anyone has any ideas about what I’m overlooking I’d definitely appreciate it.