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Alternate solution for ON_DEMAND mode (which was supported in ArcGIS API for JavaScript version-3.x) in ArcGIS API for JavaScript version-4.x

Question asked by kpujari on Apr 5, 2018


In our map-based application, currently we are using ArcGIS API for JavaScript version-4.x along with Angular 2.
Also, we have an ArcGIS Server (Version 10.x) on which MAP REST APIs are hosted. The application fetches data from these Map REST APIs.

The problem that we are facing is, when we fetch the information from the ArcGIS server for GLOBAL Base Layer, US State Layer and US County Layer - the response payload size is in MBs, so it's taking lot of time to render the layers.

e.g. for the US State Layer - Response Payload is around 11.40 MB and it takes around 15-20 seconds to render the layer.

In the previous version of the application, we were using ArcGIS API for JavaScript version-3.x and hence were able to use the mode ON_DEMAND for loading the feature layer information.
However, we figured from the Functionality Matrix that ON_DEMAND mode for feature layer is not planned for 4.x.

We can not go back to ArcGIS version-3.x, because we need the Map Sync Functionality which is supported in 4.x version.

So, is there any alternate solution to reduce the response-payload size or any better approach/pointers to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.