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Arcpy Delete Field Management General Function Failure

Question asked by Weng.Ng on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

Hi All,


I've been trawling around the forums for an answer to an issue with a general function failure on one of my arcpy script.


I've got a script that does a Select By Attribute query and export the selection out as another feature class. Then, it does a bit of field mapping through a list and then it also tries to delete unwanted fields from the feature class and does a  few Calculate Field operations .


The script works fine as is but it starts breaking when it encounters a large dataset complaining about a General Function Failure . I tried debugging and found that the script crashes at the delete field management stage. If I reduce the amount of data queried , it works fine which is bizzare.


Since it works with a smaller dataset, it doesn't look like it is a filegdb locking issue.


Are there any known bugs with the delete field management arcpy module that causes this crash?