PrintingTools - Export Web Map Task - Unable to complete operation, Error executing tool

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I have a strange problem with printing tool. 

I have an ASP.NET MVC application that displays a map using Esri's ArcGIS for JavaScript, 3.23 and I am using Print templates with esri.request. Geoprocessing Service is synchronous. I want to print the map and all visible layers using  Export Web Map Task on our ArcGIS server 10.6.

Map services are on the same server as the PrintingTools service.  Layers are public and the firewall is disabled.

I am able to print web map from inside our network, but the problem appears when I am trying to print externally. Outside our network print works only when the visible layer is ESRI’s base map. Esri’s print is able to print my feature layers and also my print is able to print Esri’s feature layers.

The error message is as follows:

error:{code: 400, message: "Unable to complete operation.", details: ["Error executing tool."]} code:400 details:["Error executing tool."] 0:"Error executing tool." message:"Unable to complete operation."

In the Log there is the following message:

Layer "Msaqartvelo": Failed to create layer from service at http://XX.XX.XX:6080/arcgis/rest/services/XXX/XXXXMapService/MapServer/17. Failed to execute (ExportWebMap). Failed to execute (Export Web Map).


In the browser console there is the following message:

Error: Unable to complete operation.

    at Object.k.load (init.js:1007)

    at init.js:87

    at c (init.js:103)

    at d (init.js:103)

    at b.Deferred.resolve.callback (init.js:105)

    at c (init.js:104)

    at d (init.js:103)

    at b.Deferred.resolve.callback (init.js:105)

    at init.js:92

    at h (init.js:107)


I have tried different ArcGIS server versions, also publishing from ArcPro 2.1 but I have no luck in this, error messages are all same.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks