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about ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.23 featuretable pagination

Question asked by thgsjack8 on Apr 4, 2018


I try to modify the sample code(ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox ) of featuretable to let this featuretable pagination. The sample code modified by me is as below picture 1(pagination is set true).

I find if the pagination parameter set true, there will have two requests to the remote server which one is 50 records and another is 10 records. I think that 50 records request is redundant . The snapshot  of the request is as below picture 2.

   picture 1


and there seems have a problem about this pagination, it somtimes show the reuslt is no data ,blank or the data.(please refresh this sample more times, and will find what I describe)


Does anyone have any ideas about this situation?thanks.