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How to batch geocode with Portal client applications?

Question asked by warice on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by warice

I have implemented ArcGIS Enterprise version 10.6 onsite at our organization.  I have set up the Portal to use our own geocoding services published from a version 10.6 Composite Address Locator using our own Address Point and Street Centerline GIS layers.  The first locator uses the US Single House Addresses style and the 2nd locator uses the US Dual Range Addresses Style.


With the Portal, I have tried to use two methods to batch geocode a small table of addresses:  Method 1:  Drag and Drop the table in .CSV format to the Map Viewer application; or 2) use the Map Viewer's Analysis > Geocode Locations from Table tool.  Both methods are failing.


Has anyone had any success using the Portal's batch geocoding tools to geocode a table of addresses using your own user defined geocoding service?