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How to input an Excel sheet into Python Script tool parameter

Question asked by timothy_hales-esristaff Employee on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by timothy_hales-esristaff

I am looking for a way to select a sheet within an Excel file as input to a Python Script tool in ArcGIS Pro. In the script, I am using GetParameterAsText. For the tool parameters I am using the File Data Type with the "xls;xlsx" extensions in the File Filter. 


The input goes into the GetCount_management tool and then does a few other processes. The process fails with the first tool and gives the following error:


ERROR 000840: The value is not a Table View.


When you open the Make Table View geoprocessing tool and browse to the Input Table, it allows you to access the sheets. I am looking for this same functionality within a script tool. Thanks!