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Appending data to an empty dictionary

Question asked by vshah6 on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by blake.terhune

So I am currently working on a tool that the user needs to apply a query in order to the run the tool for the queried data. I am trying to get around that by creating a blank dictionary in the script and then appending data to it. The data comes from a field in a feature class. I have never done this before but in theory it should work the same as appending to lists correct?


hubFeatures = r'hub_locations'

hubDict = {}


These are my working variables for this. The field that I want the data from to append to the dictionary is called 'NAME' in the hubFeatures FC. I was thinking of using cursors to achieve this. Unless there is an alternative approach. The idea is to then use the items in the dictionary to apply a query to the necessary layers and complete the functionality of the tool using a for loop. That part I can do. Need some assistance in setting up the dictionary.