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SOI get data source

Question asked by detroit on Mar 26, 2018


is it possible to get data source (i.e. table name) during HandleRESTRequest 


i have access to the following 

private string _soiName;
private IServerObjectHelper _soHelper;
private ServerLogger _serverLog;
private RestSOIHelper _restSOIHelper;
private IMapServerDataAccess mapServerDataAccess;
private IMapLayerInfos layerInfos;
private IFeatureClass layerData;
private IMapServer3 ms;

private List<IMapLayerInfo> iInfos;


_soHelper = pSOH;
_serverLog = new ServerLogger();
_restSOIHelper = new RestSOIHelper(pSOH);

this.mapServerDataAccess = (IMapServerDataAccess)_soHelper.ServerObject; = (IMapServer3)this.mapServerDataAccess;
IMapServerInfo mapServerInfo = ms.GetServerInfo(ms.DefaultMapName);

this.layerInfos = mapServerInfo.MapLayerInfos;

iInfos = new List<IMapLayerInfo>();
for (int i = 0; i < this.layerInfos.Count; i++)
IMapLayerInfo layer = layerInfos.get_Element(i);

So i have mapserverdataAccess, layerinfos, imaplayerinfo, mapserver, ifeatureclass. 

Is it possible to get data source of these? I've tried everything to my limited arcobjects knowledge to no avail.

Help is appreciated


best regards, Matej