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Why do my survey points all have the same XY?

Question asked by dailya on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by dailya

I had a field crew out collecting survey data in an area with low connectivity to our network. There is a mandatory geopoint field that must be collected to submit a survey. Our field crews have been properly trained on how to capture locations using Phone GPS or manually setting and locking in a location. Due to slow network connections, they collected multiple surveys and saved them to send later. Once back in the office, surveys were sent from the outbox. So far so good.


When I went to review the data however, all of the points, that should be scattered over an entire building, ended up in the exact same location with identical latitude and longitude coordinates. On the map lit appears to be only 1 point. When I select this location, you can see the points are stacked and there are actually 11 features here. Anyone else seen this or know why it is happening? We have thousands of features to collect and this could potentially be a big problem. 


multiple points collected in different locations end up with same XY location