Extract by Mask - Resampling Options?

Discussion created by suzannemonette on Jan 31, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by suzannemonette
Hello Everyone,

I'm using the extract by mask tool to pull out values from a Landsat imagine raster and it works great in terms of where there's no data in my mask file there's no data in the extracted raster and that the mask and extracted rasters cell boundaries line up. However, if my understanding is correct when it does the extraction it resamples using nearest neighbour - my mask raster is 20m and the Landsat is of course 30m.

My question is, can I change that re-sampling method to bi-linear? Nearest neighbour really isn't the best option here.

I have also tried resampling the landsat raster first, however I haven't figured out how to get the cells of the resampled Landsat scene to align with my mask raster. I've tried setting the extent to match that of my clip raster and I've also tried setting a snap raster even though the two are different cell sizes. Nothing so far has worked.

Any ideas would be great!