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TOC Equivalent In SDK 100.x

Question asked by ShiminCai on Mar 19, 2018
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Our apps are now still on the SDK 10.2.5 and we are thinking to migrate to the SDK 100.2.1...


In our apps there is a key component TOC (table of content) that is built based on the TOC sample code in the SDK 10.2.x. Layer loading and displaying and feature editing etc are all around the TOC and our users are so used to it. It is a must to have after migration.


Looking at the SDK 100.2.1, I couldn't find any classes that could be used to build the TOC... Is there anything in the SDK 100.x that is similar or equivalent to the classes AGSMapContentsTree, AGSMapContentsLayerInfo and AGSMapContentsLegentElement in the SDK 10.2.5? If there is none currently, any plan to add in the future?