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Getting NULL in Geo_view::schedule_update_attribution_()...

Question asked by on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by MDostal-esristaff



We have an iOS app out on the App Store. We recently updated to 100.2.1 and started getting crashes caused by:


#1 (null) in std::__1::__function::__func<Esri_runtimecore::Mapping::Geo_view::schedule_update_attribution_()::$_59, std::__1::allocator<Esri_runtimecore::Mapping::Geo_view::schedule_update_attribution_()::$_59>, void ()>::operator()() ()


Unfortunately, we have not been able to reproduce it and these crashes are unsymbolicated, despite the fact that I selected option to include symbols when I uploaded the build (and, yes, this is the same machine that has the original archive on it). Thoughts on what would cause this? Based on your documentation, I know the method is associated with map attribution. We are not altering the display, etc. of the attribution at all.