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Interaction with SDE in Oracle on non-versioned editing

Question asked by daniel.irwin on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by sean_jones-esristaff

Hi there,


Trying to edit some content in ArcMap 10.5.1 which is coming from an Oracle Geodatabase with SDE configured and the table registered.  The table is not versioned so have turned off the versioning in editing options, and disabled the automatic save after each edit option (see below).

There is a trigger associated with the table that populates a number of fields automatically based on a key field that is populated within the edit session, and archive the record into another table if certain fields have changed.  So my understanding is that the trigger would only fire when I hit Save Edits, and yet it seems to trigger as soon as I edit the record.  Does this mean that the changes are passed back to the geodatabase as soon as I make them, but no commit is actioned until the Save Edit option is selected, or is something else going on?


The reason I ask is that the user wants to make multiple edits potentially to the record before committing, but the trigger is activating after every change and resulting in large numbers of records hitting the archive table when they shouldn't.


Any help greatly appreciated.