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Choice list not updating properly

Question asked by ctownsend_2017 on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by Tom.Fewless_GHD

Hi, I have a tree survey, and I added in and extra tree species to the xls form choice list, and I can see it in the survey123 app, but when I select it, save it and upload it, in the feature layer, it's not there.


Also, existing records are not being updated in the feature layer. For example, I edited:

Malus x adstringens 'Thunderchild' (Thunderchild Crabapple)


Malus 'Thunderchild' (Thunderchild Crabapple)


because it was too long for a chart (graph labels are only on single lines) The change is reflected in the survey123 app but not in the feature layer. I have republished the survey several times.