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Python - Remove rows in Shapefile Based on Criteria in a Field

Question asked by on Mar 15, 2018
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  I have a sample script for a test shapefile (which I eventually will apply to an actual shapefile, but for simplicity I'll just use this) that I want to run outside of Arc as a standalone script.


Shape file name: TEST.shp

Field: fclass

Attributes to Purge (in fclass): "A", "B", "C"


  So with this script, I want all records that have an fclass containing A, B or C to be deleted and leaving everything else.


Here's where I have an issue.  I can get this script to work with just one of the attributes, but not a combination of attributes (Sorry I can't seem to find a script code option to format this better):



print "Importing..."

import arcpy, os


shp = r'U:\TEST\TEST.shp'

list = ['1', '2', '3']


print "Purging unnecessary fclass values..."


with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(shp, "fclass") as cursor:

for row in cursor:

     #if row[0] == "1": -- if I use just this, it works and deletes all rows with "1"

     if row[0] == [list]:


print "Completed"


Using the if row[0] == [list]doesn't do anything and neither does if row[0] == ["1","2","3"]I also don't want to use multiple OR statements if I can help it, similar to this (though the syntax for python OR statements might not look like this)

   if row[0] == '1': OR

   if row[0] == '2': OR

   if row[0] == '3':


  I've also played around using the different quotes as well in the script switching between the " and the ' without any success as well, thinking that was maybe the issue.


  I am not getting any errors at all, but it's just not deleting the records at all either...