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How do I embed an Operations Dashboard inside another dashboard?

Question asked by amy.phelps on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by ceo_wind

Hello! I am trying to create a dynamic Operations Dashboard that has other dashboards embedded. For example, I have multiple fire stations that are doing smoke alarm inspections in homes in their respective areas.  The data is collected in Survey123.  I have an operations dashboard for each station to see their analytics (How many smoke alarms were installed, replaces, how many were working, etc).  I'd like Admin to have a panel with all the stations listed and, when the station is selected, the proper dashboard populates within the Admin dashboard...possibly in a rich text window? Embedding an iFrame?


What I envision is a "List" widget that has actions capable of causing a change in a "Rich Text" widget to display the new dashboard.  Unless someone has a better idea?  I'm thinking this won't be easy. 


I have included an example of a station dashboard so you can see an example pf what I'd like to embed: