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Unable to update feature service layer definition

Question asked by MidnightYell2003 Champion on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by KHassen-esristaff

I followed the directions here:

Updating Hosted Feature Services in ArcGIS Online | ArcGIS Blog 

to update a hosted feature service in AGOL. 


But, I came across this error:

Invalid definition for 'LastEditDate'.
Invalid definition for ESRI.ArcGIS.SDS.Metadata.EditingInfo

So, I found this article describing a workaround:

Error: Unable to update feature service layer definition. Invalid definition for 'lastEditDate' 


I did what was described in the article:

  1. Change the lastEditDate key value by replacing the string of numbers, which indicates the last edit date, to double quotation marks with no content quoted between them (“ “).

          Replace the lastEditDate key value

  1. Click Update Layer Definition to save the changes.


But, the feature service did not update. It reverted back to the last state.


Has anyone come across this issue? Is there an actual workaround or am I just stuck with what I have?