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Portal 10.5.1 Federation-  Error: The server at returned an error. Invalid token.

Question asked by JordanBaumgardner_GIS on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2020 by robertrader

We had the self-signed certs expire on an Azure VM created with CloudBuilder. I've gone through all the steps with generating, exporting, adding to the Trusted CA and updating to use the new certs on both Portal and ArcGis Server. Portal is stuck in this weird 1/2 way federated state. I can't un-federate and I can't seem to fix the current federation. 


Steps so far:

--- Arc Gis Server

- Set security to GIS_SERVER+  [I did this early on in an attempt to get logged in and now I can seem to set the "Portal Properties" section correctly to switch it back to Portal Auth]

- Removed all old SSL Certs

- Generate new cert

- Update to use new cert

- Export new cert

- Add cert to Trusted CA

-- I can login SSL


--- IIS

- Removed old cert

- Create new self signed cert

- Bind to 443

-- I can see https


-- Portal

- Set ssl cert to "portal"

- Remove old certs

- Generate new portal cert

- update to use new portal cert

- export new portal cert

- add new portal cert to trusted CA

-- I can login SSL


-- Portal | Federation | Servers | Validate ==>


ArcGIS Server services URL '' cannot be validated against ''. If the service URL is a proxy URL verify it is accessible to clients.
Error: The server at '' returned an error. Invalid token.


Any help is much appreciated.