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Native keyboard doesn't show up at iOS platform [SOLVED]

Question asked by drosanelliimg-com-br-esridist Employee on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by ESoekianto-esristaff

appstudio qml ios keyboard issue bug



  • OS: Windows 10 / OSX High Sierra
  • AppStudio: Desktop 2.1.19
  • QT Creator: 4.3.1 (AppStudio version)
  • iOS: 9.5.3 / 11.2.6
  • Android: 8.0.0




Hi everybody !


Recently I worked in a situation at AppStudio (2.1.19) creating an application that using Map Viewer template, for running on Android and iOS platform like my customer wants. So I made some configurations to apply visual identity of my customer to the App, I exported the application to send the application of Play Store and Apple Store.

After application was approved on both platforms, we apply some tests and on Android platform app was approved withou issues, but on iOS platform we got a keyboard issue. When the user clicked on search input box, the native keyboard doesn't show up for entry with the search term.


After a far time searchig a solution, I decide to analyse the code of MapViewer again, and I found the below situation:



The line 225 of widget SearchPage.qml has a instruction that change the focus of application when the text property is changed on search box. When I click on my search box, the text was cleared firing this event that cause a focus changing from search box to the application, preventing showing up keyboard for entering with searched term. This occurs only on iOS platform, and was solved comment this line.



On SearchPage.qml widget you need to comment line with app.focus = true command, that change the focus from a search box to application.