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Why doesn't ArcGIS Pro open and display my 3D data as 3D layers?

Question asked by ecoidealchloey on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by ecoidealchloey

I tried adding a DSM and an Orthophoto into ArcGIS Pro in a scene but it would automatically open under "2D layers" and not "3D layers". I managed to move it under "2D layers" by copying and pasting it under "3D layers" but it would not display the data as 3D even after adding an elevation source. When I go to layer properties > elevation > features are, I only have the "On the ground" option.

I know for sure there's nothing wrong with the data because I opened it in ArcMap 10.3 before without any issues with the same elevation source. 

Am I missing something out?

I can't seem to find any resources for this so if anyone has any solutions for this please let me know!