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Functional database connection in Insights can't access tables created after the connection was made.

Question asked by tsellekaerts on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Will_Hughes-esristaff

We have just gotten started with our newly installed Insights on Enterprise ArcGIS 10.5.1.  We are running Portal 10.5.1, and have a hosting server also with 10.5.1.

We are bringing in data successfully from SQL Server using the Database connection.  We created a connection to our database (let's call it Connection A) and added data table X (a geodatabase feature class) to Insights.  The next day, there are new records in Layer X which we can see in Insights.  All good so far.

The next week, we create a new table (it happens to be a geodatabase feature class) in the Database; let's call this one table Y.  Using Connection A, we can see table Y.  We can add it to our Insights workbook.  However, after adding it we get the dreaded 'Something went wrong with this database connection. Check to see if the connection properties need to be updated.'

Although I don't think anything is wrong with Connection A (since it's working with table X), I follow the instructions (Update a database connection—Insights reference | ArcGIS ) and specify a different login username for the database (just to give it something different - we have a few connections we can use). I stop and then start the Relational Database service on the hosting server.  Table X still works and still updates.  Table Y still gives us the error message.

We create yet another new table in the database and try to add it to Insights, but get the same error message.  At this point, we theorize that any new tables created (after Connection A was created) will be unusable.

Next I create a new connection - Connection B - in Insights to the same database. I give it a different connection name, but all other parameters are identical.  Using this new connection, Table Y works fine.  So we have a workaround for now.

As I understand from Troubleshoot a database connection—Insights reference | ArcGIS , we cannot delete any previous connections as data from those connections are in use by other workbooks.  So our workaround means every time we create a new table in the database, we will have to make a new connection in Insights.


Finally to the question: how do I get an existing database connection in Insights to successfully use a new table added to that database after the initial connection was made? Could this reflect a problem with our SQL Server databases?