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Unable to Assign Permissions for Raster Data in ArcSDE 10.5

Question asked by sjones on Feb 25, 2018

Hi All


Since upgrading from ArcGIS 10.3 to ArcGIS 10.5 last year, we have been unable to create and preview newly-added Raster Datasets in ArcGIS 10.5  (ArcCatalog).


We suggest the problem is related to the Manage Privilidges functions when setting permissions of Geodatabase Objects in ArcSDE,


1. Permissions are assigned to the newly-added raster dataset in an ArcSDE database. These permission do not appear to cascade down to the support raster objects. 




2, Previewing the newly-added raster in ArcCatalog as a member of the EDITOR role results in the Selection cannot be previewed message

3. Right-click on Properties as a member of the EDITOR role results in Failed to Open Dataset


4. Click ok to reveal a ODBC 13. Insuffient permissions on the SDE_BND_12 objects



5. The permissions have not cascaded down to the BND Object for the EDITOR and VIEWER roles






Susan Jones

Auckland Transport