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Popups not updating when searching in WebApp

Question asked by FranklinCountyPaGIS on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by xander_bakker

Just to preface this, please bear with me as my supervisor took a new job and left me with a online subscription parcel website that is built as a WebApp on AGOL. He built it and rolled it out without testing to the public at the beginning of the year, and now I am trying to get updates to make it more user friendly.  IT is meant to replace our old system that the public used to access our tax and assessment data.


I am still learning the ins and outs as he didn't leave documentation or involve anyone else in design and development.  


My issue is that the popups are not displaying certain fields when someone searches for a particular parcel in the search box.  In this particular instance, the Delinquent Tax fields.  I have 8 fields that are combined using an expression on the popup configuration.  It pulls the data from CAMA (our assessment program) and it is joined to our parcels.  


It looks should like this:


DELINQUENT TAXES        2017: $####

                                           2016: $####

                                           2015: $####



The years and the amounts are actually automatically calculated and pulled from SQL.


If a parcel doesn't have delinquent taxes, it should still show the years, as below:


DELINQUENT TAXES        2017: $

                                           2016: $

                                           2015: $



When someone searches by the unique parcel ID, the fields come up as blank.  It looks like this:


DELINQUENT TAXES                : $

                                                    : $

                                                    : $



If someone clicks on the parcel, the fields are populated correctly, and it looks like the first example.


Why would the popups be different based on the way a parcel is located?  If the Tax Collectors and assessors who use this site search by a parcel, they are going to believe there are no delinquent taxes, and that could cause huge issues.


We've tested this, and it appears to be doing the same thing when we search / click on other parcels.


Any suggestions?


Update: This seems to related to the custom expressions in the popup configuration that I am using to displaying this data.  If I remove them, it appears to be populating when searching, it just looks horrible.

In testing this, it does this with any combination of these custom expressions.  I've double checked it's doing them as a number instead of a string, and I still had the same result.  I do have two other custom expressions that involve other fields, and they seem to be populating fine.


Screenshot attached.  This is what I see when I open the popup config