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Level of Detail for Custom Tile Cache

Question asked by oliver.boesche on Feb 23, 2018
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I have a question about computing the values for the LevelOfDetail class, which is necessary for a custom tile cache implementation. How they are computed/calculated?


First a short description of my problem. I have WebMercator based tile caches with only a single level. Each of the tile caches are created from a single GeoTiff with GDAL 2.x. Displaying these caches is solved through an implementation of a custom tile cache as a ServiceImageTiledLayer. Because the GeoTiffs for different scales don't have the same bounds/extens sometimes, each is one tile cache.


So far, everything is fine, but the level ordering bases on the scale of the LevelOfDetail. To get the caches in the right order and visible levels this value is necessary, but I don't know how I can compute it or get it from somewhere.

As I understand it, the resolution must be the value of one pixel in map units (here meters) and the scale would be for example one meter screen to meters on map. Is this right? If yes, how can I get/calculate this value?




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