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ArcGIS Pro SDK - Add WMS - specific layers

Question asked by dave_adams on Feb 22, 2018



I have used the example here How to add a WMS service to ArcGIS Pro using the SDK  to add a wms to a Map but wanted to set the connection to access and add a specific layer rather than load the whole service. I can add parameters in a Dictionary to filter for a specific feature in the service but need to target just one sublayer.


IDictionary<string, object> wms_params = new Dictionary<string, object>();
wms_params.Add("CQL_FILTER", "ingestion='myImage'");
connection.MapParameters = wms_params;


This is work I can replicate manually by inserting a connection to the wms in my project, then dragging just the target wms sub layer into the map and setting additional parameters (e.g. CQL_FILTER) 


Any help greatly appreciated.