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Issue with hidden field type and bind::esriFieldType

Question asked by hnelson_azgfd on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by OusMer967_npaid

I am creating a creel survey form and am currently having issues using the hidden field type and the bind:esriFieldType.


In my form, I have a repeat question about whether or not each interview was accepted, declined, or missed. I then have three integer fields within the repeat that contain if statements making each of these options a 1 if picked and a 0 if not picked.






I then have three more integer fields outside of the repeat that take the sum of the total accepted, total missed, and total declined interviews.






If i leave these six fields as integers, this works perfectly, but I am stuck seeing these fields in my form. I face issues when I try to hide these fields.



When I set the field type to hidden, and then set the bind:esriFieldType as esriFieldTypeInteger for these fields, it does not honor the esriFieldType. Instead, it treats the field as boolean. Instead of adding 1+1+0+1+0+1 and displaying 4, it displays 110101. 


I'm probably missing something simple. I've been staring at this too long!

Thanks for the help!