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Adding polygons to ArcGIS Online from CSV/text based file?

Question asked by SWTEducation on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by SWTEducation

Hi guys,


I'm trying to find a way to add polygons/non-point based vector data to ArcGIS Online via a CSV file. However, the problem is when I export the layers from my desktop GIS (QGIS) as CSV these files do not work with ArcGIS Online as the co-ordinates for the polygons are listed in WTK format e.g. POLYGON (lat,long,lat,long,lat,long,lat,long etc).


Is there a way I can use CSV format to provide data to ArcGIS Online to generate polygons? I know I can do this with shapefiles, and have done so but I need some sort of text based entry. I work in an education centre and we are trying to enable students to map habitats by entering data in an spreadsheet (Google sheets), which can then be published as a CSV and added into Arc. I've worked this out so that they can add point data with attributes but can't work out how to progress it to polygons or even lines.


Hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance.