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Reference non-SDE sql table in python script - arcpy.Append_management

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Feb 21, 2018
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I'm wondering if anyone can help with the syntax (or confirm that it can be done) to reference an SQL table that's in a non-spatial database in a python script

In my case I'm trying to append from this table into an SDE table.  I need the field mapping, because there is an ID field in the source table (non-spatial) that needs to be preserved and by default it treats it as an object id field, so it changes every time the job is run, which is a problem.  So it is mapped to the correct column in the target (SDE) table.  


The connection to the SQL non-spatial database is fine in ArcMap, and I can run the append tool without issue.  Whne I grab the python snippet, no matter how I modify the table name/path, the Append_management section fails, saying 'Cannot open table...' (the input table).


Here's what I have:  (only import currently is arcpy)


(inputs="SQLDB.TABLENAME.dbo.users",   *this is what the table is listed as under 'properties' in the catalog window in ArcMap





SDE_DEV is a variable that is the path to the SDE connection file + sde file name to our dev sde database.  I've tried the same methodology for the input dataset, with no luck so far.


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