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Using Configurable Map Viewer (CMV) to list various REST services under a single folder in the layer list

Question asked by rissewl on Feb 21, 2018

I am trying to group all of the following layers into a single folder in my layer list in CMV. They come from various REST services, but I don't need the clutter of all the additional layers. Honestly, would love the same thing in Portal, which I also can't find a solution for.


Basically I want it shown as follows:


Wyoming DEQ Data (folder)

      Layer 1 (Parcels)

      Layer 2 (Lakes)

      Layer 3 (Streams)



How can I add all of the services into a single folder in CMV (or portal)?

Private Parcels:

Impaired Stream:

Impaired Lakes:

Class 1 Stream


Wind River Reservation