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Query widget subtype field

Question asked by cbsmugla on Feb 19, 2018
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Hi; i have a feature service;

it has subtype fields and related differend domains for each subtypes.

feature service fields:

field x = (subtype) 

value: "1" Label "a"

value: "2" Label "b"

value: "3" Label "c"


field y

if select subtype 1 domain: "k"

if select subtype 2 domain: "l"

if select subtype 3 domain: "m"


Normaly with  edit widget; i can add values by selecting a value from "field x"

then i can choose a value from "field y" by related domain values


But in query widget;

i am trying to choose a point by selecting a value from "field x" and by choosing "Values filtered by previous expressions" a value from "field y"

But after choosing  a value from "field x", in "field y" populates all domain values "k-l-m"


(field x = 2) AND (Field y= 'k')


How to make 


(field x = b) AND (Field y= 'k')

i want to choose from "field x" then "field y" related domain records only.



in query widget guide page there is a note;



To display the description for coded values when Values filtered by previous expressions or Values filtered by all other expressions is selected, the service must support the capability of query by statistics.

In my service; 

Advanced Query Capabilities:

      Supports Statistics: true
      Supports OrderBy: true
      Supports Distinct: true
      Supports Pagination: true
      Supports TrueCurve: false