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Customize Layer List Widget

Question asked by PabloIzquierdo on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by kmsagis

Hi all,


I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to create a custom layer list for my WAB dev edition, I would like to allow our users to:

  • Layer grouping –  layer list into categories and sub-categories (environment / development / user generated) – particularly highlighting user generated layers – i.e. results of analysis, or imported layers – at the moment these layers are pushed to top of the list – users can be unaware of this.
  • Drag and drop on the layer list – the ability to quickly change the order to layers.
  • Click anywhere on the primary layer labels to select / unselect data layers – at the moment there is a tick box selection would be nice for the user if the whole text/bar click on/off for layers.
  • Colour customization – allowing users to change colours of specifically selected assets, or entire layers would be useful. 
  • Toggle labels on/off – in some cases these labels can be overwhelming it would be very useful to allow to toggle labels on and off. And to go further - allowing users to customization labels by any attribute field would be even better, i.e. to show a different field as a label.


Thanks in advance,