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Question asked by djbeagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Feb 17, 2018
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Im attempting to set up a collaboration between and portal 10.6. I am an Early Adopter for, so the collaboration item shows up in the in menu. I can create my invitation in, however, when time comes to accept my invitation (in portal), I get this:

Failed to validate SSL certificate for https://<myagolsite> certificate authority that issued the SSL certificate needs to be trusted by Portal before the invitation can be accepted. See Configuring the portal to trust certificates for more information.


 I would expect anything from to automatically be OK with portal. However, I went through the process and exported out added CA cert from chrome to my PC from starting with the root, then two intermediate certs. I then added these certs to <portal>\portal/portaladmin/security/sslCertificates/. However I still get the same error above where portal fails to validate certs from ideas what is wrong and how this could be sorted? Im pretty excited about portal-agol collaboration so would like to get this going.