Feature Layer with custom symbology expression not showing up on Explorer for ArcGIS

Discussion created by JMonson on Feb 17, 2018

I have a hosted feature layer on an ArcGIS Online web map whose symbology is based on a custom expression using Arccade syntax. Basically, the layer has two date fields (begin_date and end_date), and based on the current date - (Today() is the specific Arccade function) - the symbol of the layer changes color (precisely, the dot is green if Today() is before the begin_date; blue it Today() is between the begin_date and the end_date; and "no-color" if Today() is after the end_date). It's a dynamic symbology and the labelling acts in like manner.


This configuration works just fine when viewing the web map in a browser and any correlating web applications. However, I cannot even see the layer when viewing the web map on Explorer for ArcGIS on my iPad. The version of the app is 18.1.0 - (updated on Feb 17, 2018) - and the Build is 2138.


I'm presuming this issue has something to do with the dynamism of the layer. Is there anyone else familiar with this issue?