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Can't download style for vector tiles

Question asked by sjohnson_CityofLubbock on Feb 15, 2018

I've been reading up on using JSON to change the look of vector tiles.  I very much would like to be able to do this, and I followed the directions on: 


But when I go to the Item details page, I do not have all the button options that the tutorial has.  I have only: Open in Map Viewer, Open in Scene Viewer, Open in Desktop, and Share.  I do not have: View Style, Download Style, or Update.


I also have gone to one of the editor apps (Vector Basemap Style Editor ), and I see the vector tile I've uploaded - but it shows that it doesn't have a style associated with it.  It also does not show at all the grey canvas layer that I saved from ESRI based off the tutorial, but it does show it as a vector layer inside my content.  For the Vector Tile that I added myself, I have the View Style button added, but none of the others.


Has there been a change to the system, that has these options somewhere else?  Or am I just missing something completely?  


Thank you very much!