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AGO Operations Dashboard - Chrome vs IE, SHAPE.STLength() field, multi-condition variables

Question asked by deleted-user-Xsrs0JV1qWKH on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by deleted-user-Xsrs0JV1qWKH

I'm using Operations Dashboard for well... an operations dashboard - and I've run into some issues.


1. Certain things don't work in Chrome, such as seeing all the layers shared in a feature service; they are all visible when using IE (second attachment);


2. Unable to create visual elements based upon the SHAPE.STLength() field - it gives me a 'Cannot Access Data' error; I need to use this field for a 'current miles of main/laterals' display (first attachment);


3. Unable to create a multi-condition pie or line chart, using variables, such as - meters can start with a SR*, TR*, or RR* - attached devices can start with ERT* or AMR* - I need to build a chart with each of these variables - the counts of SRs with ERTs, SRs with AMRs, RRs with ERTs, etc.


It's great to have these dashboard tools, but seem to be extremely limited on their usages. Thanks in advance.