Issue restoring Enterprise backup using webgisdr tool

Discussion created by GISOPS on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by geoinformacao

I'm trying to migrate my existing single-machine, Enterprise 10.5 stack from one physical machine to a new virtual machine.  In order to accomplish this, I built out a duplicate of my existing Enterprise software stack on the new, virtual machine and am trying to use the webgisdr utility to backup the existing system and restore it to the new one.  I can back up the system perfectly fine... but when it comes to restoring it to the new system, I get an error and the process fails.


The error I'm getting is that the process failed when requesting


This failure makes sense because the Server component of the import isn't using the standard "arcgis" web adaptor and is instead using a custom one that we specified long ago.  Portal is using the arcgis web adaptor.


Question:  Is there a way to specify in the "" file what web adaptor to use for Server vs. Portal?  Is this really where my error is occurring or am I just not seeing the bigger picture?