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Search using &find= with a web map URL only searches top layer

Question asked by Koelker12 on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Koelker12

Trying to integrate an AGO web map into a custom application that would search for specific features in the map using the map URL + "&find=EXAMPLE_FEATURE_HERE". In the web map settings I've enabled "Search by Layer" and added two layers that I need to be searchable. This method works fine if I only need to search one layer, however with two I've noticed in the browser developers console that only the first layer is being queried. If the feature I'm searching for is in the second search layer, I get a "No Results found". If I remove the first layer or swap the order, I'll get search the new "top" layer, but not the other. See web map settings image below. 


If I use the built in search box in the web map, everything works as intended. So I'm curious why this doesn't work the same way with the URL. Is this a bug?



The below screen shows the browser dev console. The data is a standard ArcGIS Server web service. You can see it only does one search query, for whichever layer is first. Here, I'm searching for something in feature 0, and moved feature 1 to the top in the web settings (PWS Plants in image above).